The Positive Deviant Network Teleseminar: How the amazing discovery of an aid-worker helping starving children in Vietnam can turn your business into a raging profit producing machine.

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The Positive Deviant Network

What is the Positive Deviant Network Annual Program?

1. A network of individuals committed to expanding their application of network science, positive deviancy, dynamic value creation, and systems optimization in order to make a difference in the world.

2. A forum for members to:

Share their application of the lessons learned in Success Secrets for the 21st Century.

Access theories and simulations developed by Marshall Thurber.
Expand their individual networks.

Learn from the unique business experiences of one another.

Learn and be supported by people who believe in the abundance based thinking of “Sharing is having more” and “Together we’re better”.

Participate in offers and opportunities provided by PDN members.

Have access to the Positive Deviant Collaboration Station – an internal website designed for collaboration and the repository for groundbreaking content from Marshall and PDN members.

3. An invitation to three live, interactive learning conferences led by Marshall Thurber.

How do you become a member of the Positive Deviant Network?

1. Attend the Success Secrets for the 21st Century course.
(if a course date is not available before the next PDN meeting, you may attend one PDN meeting first and then attend the next available Success Secrets course.)

2. Complete the two application questionnaires and return them to our office via fax (480-275-3794) or email at

3. Allow us to review your application and contact you regarding your membership status.

4. After notification of membership, register and pay your annual dues.

5. Upon receipt of dues you will receive your confirmation and access to the member website – The PDN Collaboration Station.

What is the investment for a Positive Deviant Network Membership?

The annual membership fee is $5,000

What are the dates for the Positive Deviant Network Live Member Events? Click here.





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