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Success Secrets for the 21st Century
Jay Abraham
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Marshall Thurber

What is the value of
a great new idea?

You will take away at least one new idea that will improve
your business.  We guarantee it.

How can new ground rules make a difference? The theories you learn enable you to see your world in a
new way.  You will ask totally different questions to achieve
better results.
Are you optimizing
your greatest asset?
Understand how to use network science to optimize your
most valuable asset – your Network.

Do you want direct
feedback from
an expert? 

Be in an intimate setting with 50 other business leaders,
share your story and get direct feedback and advice from
Marshall Thurber.
Do you want to learn
by having fun?
Success Secrets is not a lecture. It is an accelerated learning
experience tailored to teach you in fun, interactive games
and simulations.

Success Secrets
for the 21st Century

This intensive 2 1/2 day event is revolutionary,
powerful and delivers results.

Ft. Collins, Colorado
Customer Appreciation Guaranteed!