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Join Us in Ft Collins, CO

Event Tuition: $1,500

(Mountain Daylight Time GMT-7)

Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am
Course Begins: 8:30am
Break for Lunch and Dinner
Day Ends: 10pm (approximately)

Course Begins: 8:30am
Break for Lunch
Day Ends: 6:30pm (approximately)

Course Begins: 8:30am
Course Ends: 2:00pm (approximately)

The Neenan Company
2620 East Prospect Road, Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525

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The Neenan Company is a leader in integrated real estate. David Neenan, the company founder, has been a close friend and student of Marshall’s for the past 25 years. David has worked with Marshall to test and implement his theories and teachings into the Neenan Company's daily practices. The Neenan company continues to successfully innovate using the principles taught in Success Secrets for the 21st Century - dynamic value, network science, positive deviancy and understanding systems.

In fact, you can be overwhelmed with all the new concepts and powerful ideas.

2. A cool learning environment (literally).

Marshall studied with SuperLearning creator Dr. Georgi Lazanov. You'll experience many of the SuperLearning techniques in practice, including optimum learning temperatures of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit (18-21 degrees Celsius). Dress in layers to regulate your own comfort.

Your brain uses up to 20% of your blood flow and up to 80% of the sugar in your body. During intense learning, your brain needs energy and exercise. We'll provide snacks at all breaks, along with coffee, tea, and water. If you like special snacks, teas, etc... please bring your own stash. Come well-rested and energized.

4. Great people. People travel from around the world to study with Marshall. These are cool, on-purpose, connected people, like yourself. Set your intention to network and connect, be open to intuition and inspiration.
5. An extraordinary experience. A truth believed is a belief. A truth experienced is truth. Our overarching intent is to create a total experience that is fun, transformative, and of extraordinary value to you in every way. Please arrive intending to receive that experience.
6. A little bit
of chaos.
If you really want to cook, turn up the heat. We deliberately 'perturb the system' to create an environment primed for breakthroughs. This can be a little messy and we are always learning from it. Flow with, rather than resist or attempt to dissipate the energy. You might just boil over with new brilliance.


Really, please bring not just your body but your mind and your attention. Be fully present to get what you're paying for. Before you arrive, put your world in order to be fully engaged for the whole event.

2. Comfortable clothes.

Casual, business casual, formal, flamenco, whatever works for you. See the note above about cool temperatures in the classroom. Also, it can snow in Colorado in May and June, check the weather forecast and dress appropriately..

You'll want to make notes, not take them. Using colored pens and pencils activates both sides of your brain, and moves your learning into long term memory.

4. Special snacks
or drinks.
We'll provide brainfood snacks throughout the course. If you have special needs or wants, bring these with you. A water bottle is always a good thing to have with you.
5. A little space
in your bags.
You'll receive a binder and lots of handouts during the course. You may also pick up some books and other materials to take home.
6. A willingness
to learn.
The learner learns what the learner wants to learn. We'll create a great space. Marshall will deliver the goods. The rest is up to you.


Ft. Collins is approximately one hour North of Denver International Airport (DIA). If you arrive during the day, you might have a great view of the Rocky Mountains front range to the west.

Transportation Options:
Shamrock Airport Express Shuttle: 970-482-0505
Continental Limousine Service: 970-221-1890
Rental Cars available at Denver International Airport

Driving Directions:
1. Take the E-470 TOLLWAY N exit- EXIT 6B- toward FORT COLLINS. (0.93 miles)
2. Merge onto E 470 N (Portions toll). (17.48 miles)
3. Merge onto I-25 N/US-87 N via EXIT 47 toward FT COLLINS. (40.93 miles)
4. Take the PROSPECT ROAD exit- EXIT 268. (0.18 miles)
5. Turn LEFT onto E PROSPECT RD/CR-44. (1.49 miles)
6. End at 2620 E Prospect Rd Fort Collins, CO 80525-9098 US
Total Estimated Time: 1 hour, 1 minute
Total Distance: 66.59 miles

Please make your own reservations and remember that meals are on your own.

Please note that significant road construction exists on Prospect Road and Timberline Road (the north/south route that connects Harmony Road to Prospect Road). Consequently, even though the Hilton Fort Collins is the closest hotel by distance, the hotels off of Interstate-25 & Mulberry Street probably offer the quickest access to the Neenan Company.

View Ft. Collins Area Map

Listed below are some suggested hotels in the area.

Hotels off Harmony
on Oakridge Drive, west of I-25,
(South of The Neenan Company):

Courtyard by Marriott
1200 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5556
800-321-2211 or 970-282-1700

Hampton Inn (*special rate available through Neenan Co.)
1620 Oakridge Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525-5555
800-426-7866 or 970-229-5927

Hotels in Ft. Collins
(West of The Neenan Company):

Hilton Ft. Collins
425 W. Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526
1-970-482 2626

About Ft. Collins

-Fort Collins is nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and alongside the banks of the Cache La Poudre River.
-The city lies approximately 5,000 feet above sea level.
-During the month of September the average high is 77 degrees and the average low is 46 degrees.
-There are more restaurants per capita than any other equal-sized city in the state of Colorado, meaning that Fort Collins is one of the best places to dine around.

Recommended Personal Day Trip to
Rocky Mountain National Park

About an hour's drive West from Ft. Collins is Rocky Mountain National Park. Plan your travel for a Sunday day-trip to the park for a beautiful drive and a great hike. Physical motion, like hiking, is an ideal way to help your mind integrate and synthesize new information. After two days in SS21, your mind will have plenty to work on.

Important: this is not a formal part of the course. This is a suggested activity for you to personally create for yourself. While there is not a guided outing, it is possible people will naturally and spontaneously connect and plan to visit the park together. If you choose to make this personal trip, please research the National Park area and bring appropriate supplies.

Read CNNMoney's article rating Ft. Collins #1 Best Town to Live!

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If Success Secrets
for the 21st Century is not
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I have taken many, many worthwhile course, seminars and workshops. This one is far and away the best I've ever taken. It delivers critical, leading edge, immediately implementable strategies which are clearly the basis for prospering in the new, conceptual economy, and it delivers them through experiential games which allow you to directly experience the power of the concepts presented.

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