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Success Secrets for the 21st Century - Testimonials

“Wow!! I can't begin to thank you enough for the incredible experience I had at your Success Secrets for the 21st Century seminar. In my 30 years in business, during which I’ve served as CFO of a $300M company, and have been in top management of several other very large companies, I've been to many business seminars. None, however, have even remotely compared to yours.

The concept of teaching genius ideas through games and simulations makes for an amazing workshop. Marshall Thurber has successfully created an incredible learning atmosphere I've never experienced anywhere. To put icing on the cake, all of this learning is topped off with a sense of humor and wrapped up in true caring.

At this late date in my career I didn’t think this could happen, but you've armed me with a totally new tool kit of ideas and a whole new perspective on the business world. I've already implemented many of your ideas, and I'm still waking up in the middle of the night with more insights as a result of what I learned at Success Secrets for the 21st Century."

Thank you!!

Dave Dutton, CEO
Stuck in A Rut, LLC

Hello I'm Diana Butler and I have a company called Synapse Centers for Growth, and it was formed about 20 years ago, right at about the same time I took a workshop from Marshall Thurber called Money and You. In that workshop, I learned the true value of abundance, and what it really means.  I just want to share with you that I think Marshall Thurber is one of the most outstanding accelerated learning trainers in the world. [He has} an outstanding genius for developing processes and exercises to take in the material at such a level that it becomes your own; and you can use it automatically in whatever you're doing in your life.  So, that workshop, lit a fire under me and I brought back.  I've used those ideas ever since -very successfully- and I recently had a chance to sit in on his Success Secrets for the 21st Century and I was just blown away again.  Mainly because, not only has he updated and improved material, but again, I saw the promo material and it said you will take away at least one thing that will be useful to you in your business.  And I smiled because I thought, I think you'll take at least two or three things away before every break. For myself I am planning on taking immediately back the power curve and the strength of the weak tie. Because I want to share my work more widely in the Internet, and that's where I think I can think you can do it because I can't be everyplace at once anymore. So, for growing your business, if you're starting your business, or if you just want to be the best where you are, I think the seminar would be just invaluable for you. So, do yourself a favor, and do your future a favor and come. – Diana Butler (Synapse Centers for Growth)

SS21 was dynamite, and here’s why. This was out of my comfort zone, and what made it so powerful was it gives me a very clear vision as to where I can take my business to the next level.  You learn a lot about paradigms (and least we did at the conclusion) and a paradigm is: the system that you can solve problems with. Well all of a sudden, I realized I have to shift the way I solve my problems and so I can take it to the next level.  So what helped me immensely was the ability to associate with a lot of Positive Deviants, if you will: a lot of people who were doing wonderful things and they come together and we start talking about it.  And I start realizing wow these people are really helping me to become a better person and that gives me the ability to really network with them.  Just in the last three days I've been able to get myself involved in three different networks of people who are wanting to work with me and my business to take it to the next level, and they're looking at me as someone who might be able to give them assistance because of my expertise.  I cannot recommend this enough, if what you're trying to do is move your business the 21st century, the rules are different today than they were in the last century, and so good luck. – Richard Himmel (Management Consultant)

Marshall's workshop has been a real eye opener. We teach relationships and communication, and Marshall has really touched me in a lot of ways over the last 20 years, and what happened at this workshop it looking at relationships as far systems. He's teaching business systems. I was looking at relationship systems, and that's the thing about it, a lot of people don't teach you the theory, and the truth the matter is that Marshall teaches you theory: why something works.  When we understand the theory of gravity gives us incredible power, when we understand the theory of relativity...and what he teaches is business theory, not guessing, but why things work. It really empowers me to move forward with my business to whole new level.  And that's what Marshall's about: empowering you. He mixes in Buckminster Fuller's heart, and a lot of his principles, and Dr. Deming's work, and many other people together to give you something to take your business (or my business) to a whole new level.  So, if you've got an opportunity to be here, definitely do it. Thanks. – Paul Sterling

DyVal (or Dynamic Value) is a concept that Marshall taught us to take the value that we bring into the world; what is it that intrinsic sense of value?  We have to adapt to a moving changing environment, recognizing that value is the static proposition that to make a hamburger at hamburger, but the dynamic value is that which keeps us moving in fluid in motion and has a marketplace for new things. Marshall teaches in the seminar how to take that dynamic value and incorporate it into 21st-century using networks, precession and all kinds of other concepts. Lew Gaiter

"Success Secrets of the 21st Century is essential for any businessperson who wants to boost their success by a magnitude of 10, 20 or more times.

I have taken many, many worthwhile course, seminars and workshops. This one is far and away the best I've ever taken. It delivers critical, leading edge, immediately implementable strategies which are clearly the basis for prospering in the new, conceptual economy, and it delivers them through experiential games which allow you to directly experience the power of the concepts presented.

We have many high profile, highly successful partners. I'm urging every one of them to attend. This course is revolutionary, powerful and delivers results."

Chris Atwood
Enlightened Alliances

"We have already implemented several key points from this experience - our company is moving to a whole new level. At the seminar we met one weak tie that made a huge impact in our business. "

Casey Green
Director of Marketing
Minutes Matter Studio

"I was so impressed by Marshall Thurber's teleseminar that I brought three of my friends to the seminar. It proved out to be exactly what I had described to them. The whole seminar was very effective in the way it is presented. In the last three years I have spent over a $100,000 on seminars, workshops, and lost time. Success Secrets for the 21st Century was lightyears ahead of anything I have ever experienced.

Art Martin Ph.D, N.D.

"I never realized how important Network Science is to my business success. WOW! What I have learned will have a huge impact on my company. Understanding hubs and weak ties is going to change many businesses especially mine! Marshall's simulations embedded the 21st Century secrets into my being! I know both me and my company will never be the same."

Nick Snyder
President, Digital Management Solutions
Troy, IL

"Over the last year I have traveled the world and met some of the most inspirational leaders... from former presidents of countries to billionaires... from celebrities to tribal leaders - Marshall Thurber tops the list on Integrity, brilliance, and impact! I urge you to do whatever it takes to experience Success Secrets while Marshall is still teaching it!"

Charlie Gaudet
Portsmouth, NH

"The experience that Marshall led this weekend was absolutly fantastic and blew my mind! I have been to a number of seminars and information gathering's over the last decade and none of them compare! Marshall takes very complex methods and brings them to a level that people can understand. The teachings apply equally both in business and life! I had a fantastic time and highly recommend it!"

Jerry Agee
Park City, UT

"From this experience - I grew in a way that is definately sustainable! My absolute recommendation is to take this course and take it now. If you want to be on the cutting edge of both business and life - seize this opportunity!"

Courtland Warren
PSI Seminars
Ft. Worth, TX

"This is a fabulous experience! Nothing is certain in life other than change and Marshall Thurber has designed a program that totally prepares you for this. If you have ever had any sense of uniqueness or deviancy - this experience only strengthens how key they are to your future success!"

Ellen Myers

Long Island, NY

"What I got from this experience was some tremendous transformational concepts. I know that in the next days and weeks I will get more and more from this. I am immediately going to implement them in both my personal and financial life. I am always looking for an experience that takes me to the next level... and this is it!"

Danny Schayes
18-year NBA Basketball Player
Pheonix, AZ

"Marshall Thurber has done it again! It was like being dropped into a time machine and being able to spend a little time in the future and be given the tools to succeed. His teaching methodolgy is so unique that each time I experience it - I learn more and more!

Paul Sterling
Estes Park, CO

"What I got from this experience was a very clear framework on how to organize my business and how to strategize a marketing plan using the network systems and the work of Deming. I would recommend this course to any entrepreneur or business person who needs new vision and new ways to organize systems and deal with people."

Caron Goode
Ft. Worth, TX

I found Marshall Thurbers  SS21 was way beyond my wildest expectations. Marshall has an amzing gift of taking very abstract, very thoughtful and amazing teachings that are very abstract and putting it in a way that is easy to understand and apply them to my life

Kelly Miller Agee
Park City Utah

"After taking powerful presentations, the thought of being nervous about speaking in front of large audiences now seems laughable. This course essentially makes it difficult for you NOT to be able to shift the odds in your favor when communicating with others."

Shayne Mauricette
Toronto, Canada



“Marshall Thurber is an evolutionary event in our time.”

World-renowned scholar
Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller

During the Success Strategies for the 21st Century workshop, Marshall guides you through two and a half days of interactive learning. His techniques empower participants with the ability to absorb the 21st Century Success Secrets at a cellular level.